zwischenebenen, 2017

A dialogue with the work of Reinhard Doubrawa (D), the garden and the gallery space of Gallery Sofie Van De Velde

Horizon, wooden structure, 8m high, 15m long

Kompass, magnetic needle on stainless steel support, 33cm

proposal fo an art intervention at Knokke (B), a collaboration with Bovenbouw Architects, plaster on wood, zinc, acrylic paint

Analemma, galvanized steel wire, 34cm 

Red or blue, galvanized steel wire, acrylic paint, plaster on wood

Three on four legs, galvanized steel wire, plaster on wood

Humidity meter, spring steel, brass and paper, 91x38cm

Three legs (Frederic Geurts) and Amaryllis (Reinhard Doubrawa)

Three legs, galvanized steel wire, plaster on wood, 30x26x30cm

Nine squares (Frederic Geurts), passanten (Reinhard Doubrawa), zeigefinger (Reinhard Doubrawa)

Nine squares, galvanized steel structure, zinc sheet and acrylic paint

Blue rectangles, aluminum, spring steel and acrylic paint