Der Schnitt, 2020

Group show together with John Van Oers, Haleh Redjaian and Marc Nagtzaam at Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp                                  

 Red and Blue, site specific installation, 2 frames of ash, 3x6m                                                                                    






 Hazard, balsa and acrylic paint, 19x13x13cm                                                                                    


 Hazard, balsa and acrylic paint                                                                     

 Four legs, galvanized wire, soldered, acrylic paint, 10cm                                                            


 Red and blue dance, galvanized wire, soldered, acrylic paint, 16x11x7,5cm                                                    

 Red and blue paravent, galvanized wire, soldered, acrylic paint, 19x17,5x7cm                                                  

'mixed wall', works of all four artists