Spiral, 2020

Competition proposal for a revalidation centre in Koksijde, Belgium.
It typifies people who come to a revalidation centre that they often have a long and arduous journey ahead of them, both physically and mentally. A beautiful and comforting example where this journey can also be a mental process and which has served as inspiration for the design is the labyrinth. More specifically the version where it is not a maze but rather a concentric movement towards a center and from there out again. Often this type of labyrinth was the end point of a pilgrimage. The most famous version of this is probably the labyrinth of the Chartres Cathedral. The resemblance to the rehabilitation process is then not far-fetched. In the design, this has been translated into a walking path consisting of two spirals woven into each other, each leading in opposite directions to a common center.

scale model 1/50

scale model 1/50

detail sculptures

central area


plan and section