fragments of a movement, 2015

Permanent installation in the gardens of the castle Mariagaarde, Hoepertingen, Belgium
The work is located on an open lawn encircled by a park behind a historic castle. These days, this place is predominately used as a centre for reflection, with a particular focus on making room for silence.
Silence seems to slow down time, which is why we connect it with a slow movement. Seven fragments of a large spiral invite you to make a circular movement around the field. Just as in a maze, here the openings between the fragments invite the visitor to choose his own path.
This freedom and the silence also introduce uncertainty into the game. The structures mirror this vulnerable position. Crumpled and precarious, the artwork behaves like both a strange element that we cannot place and a ruin that has stood here for a long time. 



seven structures, between 6 and 15 meter long, steel

scale model