ZONDER EINDE (Endless), 2023

Solo exhibition at Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp

Two Squares, 2023 (light box)

Two Squares, 2023.  Photoprint on plexi (light box), 120x89x17cm

Big Bang Tower, 2022.   Brass, acrylic paint, galvanized wire, 34cm high 

Folded, 2023.  Wood, steel, pigment, 500x300x300cm

Folded, 2023.  Wood, steel, pigment, 500x300x300cm

Folded, 2023, detail

Gallery view

Folded Structure A and B, 2023. Galvanized wire, both 12x19x18cm

Folded Structure A, 2023

Gallery view

Balance, 2023.  Spring steel, galvanized wire, lead, 25,5x60x14,5cm (edition of 3)

Bridge, 2009-2023.  Spring steel, galvanized wire, lead, 17,5x72x14cm (edition of 3)

24 Minutes, 2023 (mobile). Zinc, steel, lead, rubber, acrylic paint and white sand, 184x240x43cm

24 Minutes, detail

24 Minutes, detail

Blue Flower A, 2023.  Brass, galvanized wire, 24,5cm

Blue Flower C, 2023.  Brass, galvanized wire, 25cm

Blue Flower B, 2023.  Brass, galvanized wire, 26cm

Red White Möbius, 2023.  Brass, galvanized wire, acrylic paint, 18cm

To the Right, 2023.  Brass, galvanized wire, acrylic paint, 30cm

Blue Frame (model), 2022.  Brass, acrylic paint, 23cm

Gallery view

Gallery view

Ziggurat and drawing 'Two Squares'

Ziggurat, 2022.  Galvanized wire, 12cm

Blue Plane and Coloured Column

Coloured Column, 2023.  Galvanized wire, acrylic paint, 37cm

10 Folded, 2023.  Brass, acrylic paint, 7cm 

Tower for MAI 1, 2023.  Galvanized wire, acrylic paint, 49cm

8 Folded, 2023.  Brass, acrylic paint, 7cm

Four Squares, 2022.  Galvanized wire, Brass, acrylic paint, 18,5x32,5x14,5cm

Folded White Plane A, 2023.  Galvanized wire, Brass, acrylic paint, 15cm

Blue Balance, 2023.  Brass, acrylic paint, spring steel, lead, 17cm