War Victim Memorial, 2021

Competition proposal for a second world war victim memorial on the border of the Schelde river in Antwerp. A collaboration with Proap Landscape Architects (P) and Sweco.

Concept drawing. Four 'rooms' for each of the victim groups. The more 'hidden' victims of the Holocaust and resistance are facing the river. The civilians and the military victims facing the city. 

General plan (Proap)

Section plan (Proap) 

Central area with the four 'Rooms' and the sculpture

View towards the 'Holocaust Room' (render Proap)

View towards the 'Civilian Room' (render Proap)

Scale model of the central area

Civilian Room

Detail of the walls: 'one name = one brick'

close up wall

prototypes of the bricks




Poem by Tobias Schiff (survivor of the Holocaust)